2016 Winners of the Food Innovation Challenge!

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The Food Innovation Challenge welcomes entrepreneurs aspiring to build and sell their food business idea in a retail packaged goods channel. The challenge is looking for innovative products in the categories of baked good, snack-type bar, or condiment (i.e. hot filled jam, dressing, sauce and marinade).

Find out if your idea can make it to the grocery aisle and be the first Food Innovation Challenge winner.

Our host sponsors, National Foodworks Services and Archer Daniels Midland Company, are invested in supporting food innovation.

Get to know the Food Innovation Challenge

Merchant Street in Decatur, IL
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A supportive community and a great place to live.

cash in a pan
Sauté $100k

Winners will receive over $100k in seed funding and services, with access to business and production mentors to make your food innovation a success.

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Contest Eligibilty

See what it takes to be a food innovation challenger!